Cabimas becomes number 19! Under this scenario, MultiMax inaugurates its third store in the state of Zulia with its new headquarters on Cabimera land, located on Avenida Intercomunal, Traki Shopping Center – Los Inos Sector. The Venezuelan multi-brand continues to expand throughout the country thanks to the vision of its CEO Nasar Ramadan Dagga Mujamad since 2019 and his entire work team to reach more than 20 stores in Venezuela in the coming weeks.

With great attendance during the four days of promotions, MultiMax Cabimas held its opening days offering special promotions for all Zulians until this Sunday, March 27, in which they highlighted the favorite appliances in Venezuelan homes, a wide variety of equipment for enthusiasts for technology and items for all ages with over 100 brands on display.

Multimax Cabimas

“Happy to have 3 stores in the state of Zulia and for all the receptivity of our customers who take home the promotions that we offer to all Venezuelans in each of our inaugurations with the multi-brand. We have the best memories of this wonderful land and its people, thanks to all the cabimeros for receiving our 19th MultiMax with such joy, because we continue to believe and grow in Venezuela”, were the words of Nasar Dagga, president of MultiMax during the opening from headquarters number 19.

Samsung, Aiwa, Condesa, Frigilux, Oster, LG, Kucce, Xiaomi, Black+Decker, CLX, LG, Omega, KitchenAid and Brentwood, are some of the brands present at MultiMax for the well-being of each Venezuelan family that works daily for its growth.

Multimax Cabimas

For Zulian customers, having this store concept has promoted the commercial evolution of their city, in addition to offering new sources of employment for the Venezuelan economy, a scenario that has allowed more than 2,500 people to support their families.

The variety has been a fundamental architect for the expansion of the multi-brand in all its areas, such as the white line, brown line, smartphones, audio, video, perfumery, shoe and confectionery. For most customers, their shopping experience has become another of the main attractions of MultiMax, in addition to all the promotions that have been part of each of the cities where the multi-brand is present in the country.

Multimax Cabimas

“I found out about the promotions because I always come to the shopping center and I am very happy with this opening because it brings new employment opportunities, commercial growth to Cabimas and for these reasons it was worth it to come. I bought many things with super discounts for the benefit of my whole family and I really thank God for being able to do it like many people who took advantage of the inauguration”, said Deisy Fuenmayor, during her visit on the second day of the inauguration in Cabimas.

Nasar Dagga highlighted that they currently continue to build MultiMax as a country brand, with Venezuelans identifying with it as a main objective. “There is no doubt that our priority is our clients, but beyond that, we have focused on making Venezuelans feel proud of what we have, of our potential, of the variety, of our empathy and, in turn, of all that we So different from the rest of the world. We all carry that country brand with us since we were born and we are proud to reflect it wherever we are”, added the CEO of MultiMax.

MultiMax La Limpia and Sambil Maracaibo

MultiMax currently has three locations in Zulia, a state that has the largest number of stores of the national multi-brand, followed by MultiMax Los Cortijos in Caracas. La Limpia was the first to reach Marabina land and later opened its doors in the Sambil Shopping Center, to expand through lands where the receptivity of its people was felt from the outset.

For its part, MutiMax Sambil Marcaibo was part of the great challenge of the Venezuelan multi-brand by materializing three inaugurations in 30 days during the month of September 2021, together with Cumaná and Apure during that campaign, which means an important step for the entire group directed by Nasar Dagga.

“Venezuela is a country with indescribable potential. The challenges continue to be one of our main motivations to reach each Venezuelan, which are born from the needs of our clients for a better quality of life. At each inauguration we have the joy of sharing with each one of them, to listen to them and be able to reach more homes in the country with everything we offer for them”, added Dagga, CEO of the multi-brand.

Opportunities with MultiMax Cabimas

During the inauguration in Cabimas, each person from Zulia had the opportunity to take home products from the best brands in the national and international market.

“Having the multi-brand in my city is a great opportunity for us to bring the best products to our homes, we don’t have a store like this so close. I already have my television and the electric stove that we needed so much at home and with these promotions many of us have been able to acquire products for the benefit of our families. The first time I got to know the multi-brand was in La Limpia, where I was able to bring my mother a refrigerator,” said María Molero, a MultiMax Cabimas customer.

Valencia, Maracay, Barquisimeto, Maturín, Caracas, Lechería, Margarita, Maracaibo, Punto Fijo, Apure, Barinas, La Victoria, Puerto La Cruz, Cumaná, Guacara, San Cristóbal and Cabimas, are the headquarters that are part of this great family, which began its journey in October 2019.

More destinations will join MultiMax in the coming weeks, with more openings and also special activities at each of its locations. For more information you can follow his Instagram account @multimax_store

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