For Nasar Dagga and CLX Group, women play a very important role within the business group. Within the framework of Women’s Day, they congratulate all Venezuelans, who are an example to follow and pride for each family of a nation led by women.

Currently the business group has 60 percent of women, who perform different roles from management to sales consulting in each of the brands of the aforementioned group and who are also the breadwinners of their homes.

“The work of women stands out above any other, especially because they have a different vision for the evolution of any company, project or challenge. My greatest example is the women fighters, who will continue to be a fundamental pillar for the professional and personal development of many, from that I think that they can change the world. I am proud to have by my side a large number of women entrepreneurs who are committed to the country just like me”, said Dagga, CEO of CLX Group.

CLX Group has more than 2,500 workers, with women being a fundamental piece in the daily development throughout the business group, headed by CLX Samsung (Samsung official distributor in Venezuela), MultiMax, GAD Tecnology (LG official distributor in Venezuela) , XIO Latin (Xiaomi official distributor in Venezuela) and AIWA Venezuela. They have women managers, coordinators, supervisors, analysts, sales advisors, accountants, administrators, logistics, maintenance, among other tasks that strongly promote the development of this group.

Today March 08 #InternationalWomen’s Day each of the brands thanks women for their daily effort, work, commitment, love and for the meaning they have within a country full of fighters.

Through the Instagram accounts @clx_latin, @multimax_store, @xio_latin and @gadtecnology, all the followers received their congratulations on this day.

@nasardagga thanks all women

With the musical background “A ti mujer” by José Luis Perales, Nasar Ramadan Dagga through her Instagram account (@nasardagga) gave all Venezuelan women an audiovisual material in gratitude to all those warriors who bet everything without no barriers.

In the video you can see several women who break paradigms within their environment. A policewoman, a firefighter, a doctor, some soccer players, a basketball player and especially the role of her mother who thanks to her we are what we are, accompanied by a message from the Venezuelan businessman:

“Proud of our Venezuelan women. Symbol of love, intelligence, strength and source of inspiration. Happy day”, highlighted Nasar Dagga on his Instagram account @nasardagga.

For its part, @clx_latin gave all its workers an emotional video, where they reflect several faces that make life in the company.

“This International Women’s Day, we want to thank you for being: brave, empathetic, optimistic, cheerful, fair, loyal, patient, hardworking, intelligent, fighter, respectful, efficient, dreamer, happy, kind, vital, persistent, exemplary. , independent, determined, extraordinary, tolerant, wonderful, charismatic and enterprising. Today we celebrate women. The world is very lucky to have them”, under that message CLX Samsung shows on its Instagram account the importance of having all of them.

Each face in the video represents the daily effort of these women faithful to their beliefs, their profession and specifically all those desires to move forward on their own.

“For all of us, the work of each one of them is vital and we feel proud to belong to CLX as its main ambassadors. Fighters, entrepreneurs, faithful to what they believe in and especially committed to their work, for this reason we are giving them this audiovisual material to thank them for everything they do as a woman”, highlighted Fabiola Arteaga, CLX Samsung Marketing Manager.

During this special day for women, each of the CLX Group brands will do dynamics to interact with each of their followers to remind them that they are the center of the universe.